A Sneakerhead Should Own Retro Sneakers

Sneaker trends come and go like the tide changing. One Minute, streamlined minimalist sneakers are the height of shoe fashion. At the next trampling, everyone walks around in fancy and bulky kicks, more suitable for a lunar mission than for any type of sports activity.

Despite such turbulent changes, there is a sneaker aesthetic that has not been washed away by the waves of time. Retro silhouettes with a strong dose of retro freshness are not going anywhere, which makes them a Solid Option if you are looking for timeless sneakers. Here we dive into the most beautiful retro sneaker silhouettes ever created and the reasons why they are worth it on your shoe shelf.

Nike Shoes

Launched at the height of the 1972 Olympic Games, the Cortez was Nike’s first training shoe. It turned out to be an overnight success and is widely considered the key to Nike’s success as a brand.

In addition to an impressive sports pedigree, the Cortez also has a clean look on its side, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for everything from Shorts and T-shirts to cropped pants and an unstructured sports jacket. The OG color scheme in white, red and sapphire was perpetuated by Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump and remains a classic to this day.

Reebok Shoes

Although England may not be considered the sneaker design capital of the world, when we Brits roll out a pair of sneakers, they tend to be winners. A typical example: the Reebok Club C (short for “Champion”) – a beautifully simplified tennis pump that became dominant thanks to its adoption by the aerobic movement in the 1980s.

The Club C is a real Swiss army knife of a shoe. In fact, we challenge everyone to find a casual piece of clothing that doesn’t fit. That alone should be reason enough to add a few to your Rotation.

Women Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970

It’s impossible to talk about iconic retro sneakers without the Chuck Taylor All Star Converse appearing quite early in the conversation. The history of this giant of canvas basketball spans more than a century, which makes it one of the original examples of sports shoes.

It’s hard to improve on perfection, but Converse did it with its 1970 All Star. This updated version features a reinforced upper, a black mark on the heel and a slightly higher rubber edge that adds to the Vintage aesthetic of the shoe.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes

The Air Jordan brand is at the heart of sneaker and streetwear culture. Ask a hot-blooded Sneakerhead for his grades and you’ll probably hear a lot about Michael Jordan’s signature line.

In addition to the first Jordan Pro model, the Air Jordan III is probably the most important. It marked a change of pace for Jordan courtesy of legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield. He introduced the visible damping unit into the shoe, positioned the Jumpman Logo on the heel and added the delicious retro “elephant” print for which the Air Jordan name is now famous.

Adidas Gazelle

There was no shortage of iconic Adidas sneaker models, but the Gazelle is the one that really catches the eye. First launched in 1966, it was unique in its suede construction and its colored upper, which was originally intended to characterize the sport for which each shoe has been optimized. Nowadays there is no such color coding anymore, but three sharp white stripes on a bright suede background are still one of the most famous patterns in the world of sneakers.

Novesta Star Master

If there is a country that knows how to make a nice pair of retro sneakers, it is Slovakia. Don’t you believe us? Just look at the canvas styles of the high-performance suppliers Plimsol Novesta to get all the evidence you need.

Novesta’s history in making canvas kicks dates back to the 1930s, so it’s no wonder they’ve become so good. It’s a Sneaker that looks as good today as ever, thanks in large part to its sturdy outsole, its handcrafted construction and its oversized eyelets that are the hallmark. A real retro shoe that can do everything and is a must in any stylish men’s wardrobe.

Nike Air Max 98 Shoes

Despite being a flop during the initial release, the Air Max 98, designed by Sergio Lorenzo, has achieved cult status among sneaker fans. This sophisticated racing bike has a large air cushion unit and heavy details in all places – something that has given it a new lease of life given the current trend in maximalist shoes.

The hype around the 98 was supported by excellent cooperation and a number of limited color variants, including the original “Gundam” model, which can reach quite high prices when reselling.

Reebok Men’s Shoes

When it comes to relapse quality, there are few sneaker brands that offer more consistent or better results than Reebok. The Aztrek is another retro classic from the 1990s from the British brand, characterized by a bulky construction and just enough color to keep things interesting but portable. In other words, you don’t have to be a motivator to pull a few off. Skip the Day-Glo Spandex altogether and opt instead for simple straight-leg jeans, a hoodie and a bomber jacket.

New Balance 990

The 99X series is the crowning achievement of New Balance, and the shoe at the root of it all is the Steve Jobs-approved 990. this retro classic appeared on the shelves in 1982 and quickly became a hit not only among tech CEOs, but also among runners and Sneakerheads. Its triple-digit price has made it a status symbol, especially on the American East Coast. Today, there are well over 10 models in the series, but the 990 remains the Original and the best. For comfort and beauty, there are few sneakers that are better equipped.

Nike Shoes 1

Legend has it that when Michael Jordan arrived on the court in his Signature Nike sneakers, the NBA Commissioner, David Stern, immediately banned the now famous black and red colorway, claiming that he did not respect the uniform rules.

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