All About The Workers Club Outerwear

After working together for a while in New York, he was back in the UK and in particular Adam’s work with Dunhill who introduced him for the first time during trips to Asia – especially Japan-where he discovered many manufacturers that TWC still uses today, especially in their Denim range.

After his departure from Dunhill and the couple’s move to the countryside, the challenge was to create a brand adapted to their new environment, but also to the urban landscape and urban aesthetics.

After building their expertise, their know-how in fabrics and their network of manufacturers, the two were able to penetrate the market, but felt that the Worker’s Club should instead start with a single iconic piece, as it has been “overflowed” with new brands that have launched huge collections.

“We firmly believed that to ensure the longevity of our brand, we must first strive to create the best outerwear on the market – and this came from our Shell Jacket, which we launched in 2015,” says Adam. “It’s a future classic and we think the Works (the three-part outerwear system) provides it.”

With the ethos of “buy less, but better”, TWC does not consider itself a “fashion brand” and prefers to focus on quality products and fabrics with faith in sustainability through better investments and the ongoing Mission of creating a wardrobe for men who appreciate timeless style.

“Of course we admire some brands, but very few have stayed true to their core values, while most have often changed direction or simply never evolved,” says Adam. “They are left behind. Maintaining relevance requires a collective process in which you constantly reassess while remaining true to who you are,” adds Charlotte.

Faced with challenges such as obvious finances and the decline of High Street in the UK, TWC is focusing on its own online platform and key partners such as Mr Porter, The Rake and stores in Sweden. Mr. Porter played a big role in launching TWC exclusively and winning Adam for the development of the Kingsman collection of the associated Hollywood film Franchise. He played an important role in the design, design and procurement of fabrics.

The TWC team admires brands such as Comme de Garcons and Junya Watanabe and plans to expand its presence internationally through its e-commerce platform, with the aim of having specialized resellers in key markets such as France, Germany, Denmark, the United States and Japan. “This strategy will help redirect traffic to our website,” says Adam. “We want to work with like-minded companies and create a timeless brand that stays true to us.”

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