Nobis Spring Outerwear You Take collection Anywhere

Our first real focus on Nobis outerwear was in 2016, we were sold immediately and the brand has never stopped developing since. In short, Nobis is a Canadian brand of high-end outerwear and Accessories founded in 2007 with a Mantra of style, functionality and quality. Think of Canadagans, but actually “cool” when you know you know.

And for the launch of Nobis’ spring 2019 collection, the brand has further strengthened the brand’s modern aesthetic and functional base. No more craze for monkey hearts and monkey heads, and wardrobes for that matter.

Extension of the visuals

Nobis has teamed up with the famous Canadian photographer Dan Lim to complete the campaign with the recent collection of transitional outerwear for men (and women). The brand continues to celebrate individuality and uncompromising personal style with images from this Season that advance the narrative of the urban adventurer. He also firmly positions the brand as an outerwear specialist – and achieves Nobis’ goal of being a brand with a repertoire that is “engineered to take you anywhere”. Whether from the city, the airport or nature, it is a brand of exceptional versatility.


Nobis’ Spring 2019 collection combines classic silhouettes with refreshed design and manufacturing techniques. From lightweight cotton and Nylons to the polished gloss of bonded 3L membrane and coated taffeta, the collection combines the modern essentials your wardrobe needs with a style and finish that awaits your lifestyle. Look for fitted and flared trench coats, Cocoon Macs, bubble windbreakers and sleek car coats that thrive in Season, accented by a Palette of warm neutrals, inky sapphires and dusty grays.

The collection also includes a selection of Accessories, including Jersey baseball caps, cotton and Nylon sun hats and hatched bucket hats. All in all, another strong offering from Nobis – the new king of reputable but stylish outerwear – wear it before everyone else does.

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