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The Wish list is our monthly edition and features the best new clothes, care equipment, Technology and more. A carefully curated collection, hand-picked by the Ape team, is your starting point to stay stylish, seasonal and up to date with the recent releases, whether it’s the highlight of summer or the darkest depths of winter.

The Christmas tree is up, its local lights have been turned on by a long-forgotten celebrity, and Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everyone” is playing in a constant loop in her head, slowly driving her crazy. Whether you love or hate this time of year, a retail therapy place can help reduce the sharpness. Whether you’re buying for the man in your life or just want some well-deserved festive luxury, these are the best new items that will be making the rounds in December.


Mr P Shetland wool sweater

Normally, we wouldn’t put the things of Italy and Scotland together. A Fried Pizza At The Mars Bar? Screech-flavored ice cream? An entire opera played on the bagpipes? We’ll miss them, thank you. However, it turns out that Shetland wool and Italian tailoring are a combination made in the style sky. Just take a look at this rich green knitted sweater from the house brand MR P. from Mr Porter.

Suitsupply Custom Suit

What could be better than approaching the year 2020 than being dressed in a sharp suit? The problem is that, with all the Christmas shopping and expensive parties, a trip to Savile Row is probably not at the top of your bucket list. But don’t let that stop you from getting dressed. A tailor-made Option from Suitsupply seems (almost) just as good for a fraction of the price. So much so that you will be tempted to leave it for Christmas dinner… but no.

Crockett & Jones Ross Derby-suede collared boots

You should have equipped yourself with a pair of winter boots, but just in matter you are looking for the perfect pair, here they are. With a waterproof waxed leather upper and an oversized Vibram sole, the Ross Derby boots from the famous Northamptonshire shoemaker Crockett & Jones manage to be both robust and elegant. Perfect to approach the white Christmas that you have been dreaming of or the wet Christmas that you will probably have instead.


Malin + Goetz Revitalizing Eye GEL

If your social calendar for the festive enema is similar to ours, you will have more than a few unpleasant mornings at the office. Unfortunately, we cannot pretend to have a miraculous solution to the headache and discomfort. However, this revitalizing eye gel from Malin + Goetz can help relieve some of the telltale visual symptoms.

Tom Ford Oud Wooden Gift Box

When it comes to October, every man should have a powerful Oud fragrance at hand. This rich, woody and musky fragrance is the Yin to the Yang of your SUMMER vetiver. Widely considered one of the best, this wooden Oud set by Tom Ford comes with the Eau de Parfum and a refillable atomizer, which allows you to take it wherever you go.


Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Years Old Single Malt Screech

If everyone is tired of the Fizz Bucks and beer and asks if they have something stronger, make sure they can offer them something special. This Single Malt from Glenfiddich, a name that does not require An introduction, has been aged for 23 years and aged for up to 6 months in rare French cuvées. Definitely A step From a Baileys on the rocks.

GIN-Brilliant Cliff Gin, White Peak Distillery, Derbyshire

Gin is definitely having a Moment-and there are a variety of old Gin brands out there. But look beyond the familiar names and you will notice a riot of new producers who, thanks to their inventive and experimental approach, are challenging industry standards. Our new breed choice is the White Peak distillery in picturesque Derbyshire and its brilliant Cliff Gin. White Peak was inspired by the forests and hedges of Shining Cliff near its distillery, where they selected 13 carefully selected plant compounds for distillation. The result is an incredibly soft and perfectly balanced Derbyshire Dry Gin. Upgrade your G&T now.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 Black

The house really fills up during the holiday period, so anything that can save a little space is a good thing. The sound wizards at Bang & Olufsen have managed to pack the clarity and bass response of a decent hi-fi system into a beef burger-sized Bluetooth speaker. In addition, a new range of winter colors makes it as beautiful as it sounds.


Longines Military Heritage 1938

A heroic timepiece from the interwar period will be reissued this winter. The Heritage Military 1938 has a light black dial, an anthracite leather strap and a contemporary hand-wound movement. However, if you want to have one, you have to act quickly, because the number is limited to 1,938 – another small nod to the Year of the first launch.

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