The True Italian Style Gran Sasso

The “Made in Italy” label has been the driving force for what is considered “quality”and “elegant” for many years – after all, Italians are widely appreciated for their tailoring, effortless appearance and unshakable confidence in clothes. A brand that perfectly embodies this state of mind is Maglificio Gran Sasso, a family business from the heart of Abruzzo, now run by the second and third generation.

Perhaps an not-known entity on the world fashion scene, certainly in the UK, however, Gran Sasso is a leading name in the cashmere and knitwear sector and is now looking to increase the notoriety of its two annual collections. Gran Sasso began its life in 1952, founded by four brothers, the di Stefanos, in the peaceful village of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata, located about an hour’s drive from Ancora on the east coast.

From rather humble beginnings, the brand values, quality, attention to business and craftsmanship have made the company an important global force in its industry and are proud to have always manufactured their parts in Italy, while other Italian manufacturers were looking elsewhere to reduce costs.

Today, Gran Sasso is distributed in more than 40 countries on five continents, has a turnover of more than million euros and employs 400 people on the production lines of its breathtaking award-winning headquarters, installed for more than a decade. The factory also produced for preppy Brooks Brothers and compatriots Dolce & Gabbana.

This is one of the brands that you have to love. Buyers can expect true affordable luxury and style embodied in their collections, which include rich cashmere wool and wool in soft and bold colors for Autumn/Winter 2018, to be the catalyst for a variety of Looks – whether formal or casual.

Ape’s strengths include active wool, a wrinkle- and stretch-resistant material designed for active lifestyles and people on the go; rain wool, which covers each fiber with a teflon fabric protector that acts as an invisible barrier against the elements; and felted cashmere, which offers a more comfortable, softer and more relaxed feel compared to traditional Cashmere.

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